Mick Crossland

Mick Crossland is the former ICO World Super middleweight kickboxing Champion and has over 30 years experience training in various martial arts including Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai & Karate. Mick has competed at the highest level as a kickboxer all across the world. His accomplishments include;

  • Multiple Yorkshire, English, British, European & International Amateur Titles
  • English Professional Champion
  • 2 x British Professional Champion
  • European Professional Champion
  • World Professional Champion
  • 1st Dan Blackbelt in freestyle Karate
  • 4th Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing

To supplement his Martial Arts experience Mick is also a professionally qualified Youth & Community Worker and has 10 years of experience supporting children, young people and adults in effecting positive behaviour change through focus on personal and social development. Mick is also qualified up to level 3 in delivering learning and has experience of delivering accredited education programs focusing on life skills, positive behaviour change and personal development. 

In addition to the above Mick has many years experience and qualifications in Health & Fitness. He is a fully qualified Personal Trainer (Qualified up to Level 3) and has studied advanced courses in circuit training, functional strength training, HIIT, advanced training systems, kettlebells and much more. Mick is qualified up to level 2 in nutrition and has years of personal and professional experience of muscle building, fat loss, weight making and achieving the desired body fat levels for optimum athletic performance.

In the years that The Combat Academy has been open it has quickly become one of the strongest competitive gyms on the UK Kickboxing scene as a trainer Mick has produced over 40 recognised champions from Area to World Level in various kickboxing disciplines such as K1, Full Contact and Low Kick Kickboxing. 

Tommy Crossland

Tommy is one of the UK's top Amateur K1 rules Kickboxers. He has been training at The Combat Academy since its inception and has become one of our most accomplished students. His accomplishments as a competitor include; 

  • ICO Northern Area K1 Cadet Champion
  • ISKA Northern Area Senior K1 Champion
  • ICO English Snr K1 Champion
  • ISKA English Snr K1 Champion
  • ICO British Snr K1 Champion
  • ICO European Cadet K1 Champion
  • Unified World Amateur Open Muay Thai Gold Medalist 2013
  • Unified World Amateur Open Kickboxing Champion 2013
  • ICO Amateur World Open Kickboxing Gold Medalist 2015
  • ICO Amateur World Open K1 Gold Medalist 2015
  • ICO World Amateur K1 Champion

In addition to his competitive experienced Tommy is a fully qualified Kickboxing Instructor holding a coveted Combat Academy 1st Dan Blackbelt and has qualifications in sports coaching and health & fitness such as Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Sports Leadership and Level 3 Sports Development.

Tommy has been a full-time coach at The Combat Academy since leaving school and has dedicated his life to teaching and competing in the sport he loves. He is an enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable coach who is known for his patience, meticulous attention to detail and positive supportive approach. Tommy prides himself in offering the same level of support and guidance to members of all levels of skill and ability and works tirelessly to ensure that everyone he works with is able to achieve the best possible results.

Callum Cope

Callum is an active and highly successful K1 & Full Contact Kickboxing competitor. He is a hardworking and committed young man who has dedicated his life to Martial Arts. He has studied kickboxing under the tutelage of Chief Instructor Mick Crossland for 4 years after several years training in his hometown in Chesterfield. In that time he has achieved the following accolades.

  • 1st Dan Blackbelt
  • WMO Northern Area Champion
  • ICO English Champion
  • WMO British Open Gold Medallist
  • ICO British Open K1 Gold Medallist
  • ICO World Open Kickboxing Gold Medallist

In addition to his successful Martial Arts career, Callum has also various qualifications that have enhanced his effectiveness as a coach. He is qualified up to level 2 as a Gym Instructor and to Level 3 as Personal Trainer and has been coaching at The Combat Academy main headquarters in Barnsley for over a year where he has completed his Senior Instructor Training & Development course.

Callum has benefitted greatly from his involvement in Martial Arts and now begins a new chapter in his Martial Arts career as he takes up the opportunity to share these benefits along with his knowledge and skills in his new assignment as Senior Instructor at The Combat Academy’s new Chesterfield club.

Callum has a high energy and engaging teaching style and is very much results focused. He excels at teaching students from beginner to advanced and is excited by the prospect of introducing the benefits of Martial Arts to new people.

Seth Housley

Seth Housley is a martial artist of the highest order with a host of accomplishments to his name and a growing body of experience to his name. Seth has studied Martial Arts with The Combat Academy since 2012 and continues to learn, grow and improve his craft. His accomplishments in that time include;

  • 1st Dan Blackbelt
  • ICO Northern Area Champion
  • ICO English Champion
  • EFK English Champion
  • ISKA British Champion
  • ICO British Champion
  • ICO English K1 Champion
  • ICO World Open Kickboxing Gold Medalist x 2 (Germany 2015)
  • ICO World Open K1 Gold Medalist x 2 (England 2017)

Seth is also studying towards various sports, health & fitness related qualifications to supplement his learning in order to help him to continue to develop as a coach.

Seth is an excellent coach and blends his assertive style with humour and encouragement to bring the best out in students. He is very supportive of all members and is particularly good at helping younger members build confidence and older students develop technique and skills.

Brogan Wilson

Brogan is a phenomenally talented young athlete with exceptional Martial Arts skills. He is known on the UK fight circuit for his thunderous body attacks and silky kickboxing skills. He has trained with The Combat Academy since 2011 and in that time has amassed a host of titles and accolades including;

  • ICO Northern Area Champion
  • ICO English Champion
  • ICO European Champion
  • ICO World Open Kickboxing Gold Medalist x 2
  • ICO World Open K1 Gold Medalist
  • WMO British Open Kickboxing Gold Medalist

Brogan is studying Sports Development at College on the Talented Athletes Program.

Brogan has a fast and technical teaching style where he enables students to push the pace and take their training to new levels. Brogan is a fantastic motivator, is very knowledgeable and always makes time to support students with corrections and encouragement as and when it is needed.

"Took my 2 grandchildren here as I got fed up of them on the Xbox. Mick trains them hard but it is so good to see the boys healthy and alert."

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