"Me and my son have been training at the combat academy for over a year now and we can’t thank Mick and Tommy enough for all their hard work and support. With their help I managed to lose over 3 stone and improve my fitness dramatically, my son as achieved an orange belt in kickboxing and soon to try for his green belt, his fitness, and confidence levels grow every week, we would highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and have fun"

Neil BAV - Member (2017)

"The best gym around, the staff are amazing and all the members are really friendly. When I first came I didn't know what to expect and was really nervous but everyone was so welcoming and before I knew it I upped my membership to unlimited. Amazing for the kids too, as soon as my lad is old enough he will be joining the little ninjas class."

Terri Macfarlane - Member (2017)

"Myself and my two children have been members for the past 3 months, it’s been an excellent experience so far. It’s nerve-wracking at first but after the first session people start treating you like family and that’s what it is at the end of the day...a home away from home. The coaches are brilliant at what they do, they are understanding and the people are awesome. My children and I have grown so much in confidence starting here, would recommend it highly."

scottishgal89 - Member (2017)

"Brill friendly local gym. Plenty of classes to choose from with coaches and staff second to none. The only place to train, set goals and smash them to pieces in a positive environment surrounded by like-minded supportive people. Star coaches with time for everyone, dedication and who know their stuff, a fight team full of hard working champs and make new friends along with your learning and fitness journey. Reach for the stars with the combat academy-you won't regret stepping foot in this gym!"

Marie Fenton - Member (2017)

"An amazing gym in all areas; world-class coaches, a positive, friendly atmosphere, and training that gets results. Since starting at The Combat Academy I’ve received nothing but encouragement and motivation from not only the coaches but everyone training alongside me - I’d never look back."

Jade Wilkinson - Members (2017)

"I love my gym. Just try it and you won’t look back! I have dropped 2 dress sizes in less than a year and have progressed to a fighter development programme after a year. The support I have received has been amazing! The coaching is fantastic and so well structured towards each and every member's needs. All the staff are so friendly and supportive and really will make you feel welcome. If you want to try martial arts, or if you have done martial arts before but want a world class coach or if you just want to get fit, the combat academy is the place for everyone !!"

Jennifer Wilson - Members (2017)

"The ‘CA’ team is second to none. They work so hard and care for each other like family members. If you have the right attitude, work hard, and are dedicated then you open the door to a world of opportunity. Watching the growth and development of not only your own family but of other members and their achievements is truly amazing. We celebrate altogether - as a team and as a family! Confidence, fitness, skills, growth, and friendship. You couldn’t ask for any more!OSU"

Leon Henshaw - Member (2017)

"I started at the Combat Academy about 2 years ago and would not train anywhere else. An upbeat positive environment, top class coaches who will guide you through any fitness/kickboxing goals you want to achieve and will exceed expectations. My son has also started the Litte Ninjas classes and absolutely loves it, and I’ve even managed to recruit my Mum who I’ve been nagging for years to exercise to no avail and now she’s got the bug and wishes she’d started sooner. I literally recommend the gym to everyone, it’s a family and community as well as a gym."

Camilla Porter - Member (2017)

"The combat academy is an amazing place to get fit, learn new skills and meet fantastic people. Everyone is encouraging! Walking into a new gym can be so intimidating but the students and team are unbelievable and do their absolute best to make everyone feel welcome and help you to achieve you're goals. Weather you wish to grade for belts or just to improve your fitness I couldn't recommend this place more. Since starting here about 6/7 months ago my confidence has grown and I feel stronger physically and mentally. All thanks to these guys who've clearly put their all into a fantastic place to train. THANK YOU !"

Georgina Miller - Member (2017)

"We first started to take our son to Combat Academy as he is autistic and we wanted to build his confidence and social skills. All of the coaches have done an amazing job and he has developed really well as a young person and a kickboxer. They have shown and dedication and patience supporting him and he really loves training with new friends and some incredible world champion fighters. My partner and daughter have both now joined too and the Combat Academy has become a big part of our training and social lives and we’ve met some incredible people who are now friends. An amazing gym, friendly and welcoming and I’d recommend it to anyone without hesitation."

Samantha Donnor - Member (2017)

"Amazing gym. Joined my son initially to help him build his confidence and learn new skills. I expected it to be difficult to integrate at first but found completely the opposite. Everyone was friendly and welcoming from the staff, the coaches and the other parents, many of whom are now good friends with whom we socialise. I have now joined the gym along with my daughter and are enjoying keeping fit, in shape and eating well whilst learning new skills in the art of kickboxing. Great gym that I would highly recommend to anyone."

Peter Jones - Member (2017)

"Absolutely amazing academy. Very responsive to messages very helpful and very friendly. My 7-year-old son started about 15 months ago and is already a green belt. I honestly thought he would never get into it because if it wasn't Lego he wasn't interested but they do really well making it interesting and that makes them want to learn. He loves kickboxing and loves everybody there from his classmates to the fight team guys to the people behind the desk. He has gone from 1 session a week to unlimited membership and just can't get enough. Each and every member is cared for, it's like a family, you get what you give and honestly, I couldn't ask for more. Thanks guys"

Kelly Anderson - Member (2017)

Some of the best training I've had , very effective conventional as well as thinking out of the box which keeps things fresh which is great to keep you motivated would highly recommend.

Ryan Fleming - Member

Our son has trained here since it opened and myself and my husband dean decided to give it a go about 6 months or so ago and can honestly say we love it :) we are both now training between 2 and 3 times a wk and have never felt better apart from the initial pain of using muscles that hadn't been used in quite some time lol! As well as being a fantastic coach we now consider Mick to be one of our good friends as he always offers us great advice and encouragement regardless of our ability :) As well as the obvious benefits from the exercise, we have also made some fantastic friends from attending 'The Combat Academy' so would definitely say 'don't just think about it' go ahead and join, u won't regret it.

Sheryll Hamshaw - Member

I've trained in a few establishments and what Mick and the team offer is unique, innovative and bloody hard work, you know you've been taken beyond where you thought your body and mind could ever go on every session - the biggest thing is the heart behind it, you truly believe they want you to succeed and because of that I couldn't recommend them more highly, thank you so much.

Emily Colbourne - Member

Currently training for the Tough Mudder, September 2013 at the Combat academy every Saturday. I absolutely buzz off the intense workouts Mick and the rest of the team put us through. Can honestly say my strength and stamina has improved significantly since I joined the club.

Michelle Lunn - Member

I'm currently training here as part of a team for tough mudder, I would strongly recommend this gym to anyone from beginners to advanced as it caters for all, mick and his team really push you and want you to succeed, fantastic place to train, welcoming non judgmental atmosphere which makes it a great gym!! It's definitely not a gym just for men, so ladies u should give it a go.

Anne Marie Savage - Member

Hi all. I am part of team MUDDERFOCKERS. We are team preparing to take part on this years September tough mudder in York. This is all for charity for a local boy diagnosed with leukaemia. Mick Crossland and his team have donated there time to this great cause by training us and pushing us to our limits every time we step foot on the mats. I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to get fit or at least learn something. Our gratitude can't be measured as we are very proud to not only be trained by mick and his team but to be affiliated to the combat academy. GET YOUR ARSES DOWN AND SQUAT!!!!

Jamie Marshall - Member

I train here and by doing this, my life has got a lot better by making me confident, fit, and strong!

Tommy Crossland - Fight Team Member

I train here most Saturdays in preparation for a Tough Mudder that we are doing in September.A massive thanks to Mick and his team for putting us through our paces and training us really hard Great gym Great workout Great team Hard work but worth it Thanks guys.

Shane Palmer - Member

Only been training here since October 12, been going to the Thai Boxing class and really enjoy it. The combat academy is full of amazing fighters and friendly people, and is ran by the super middleweight WORLD champion!! Couldn't have dropped on a better gym and would never go to another! Would recommend to anyone.

Vicki Ratliffe - Member

Started training here beginning of 2012, enjoyed every minute of training there, Mick is an awesome trainer, I've learn a lot in the past year and a bit and I'm grateful, made me more confident in myself and everybody is really friendly.

Jamie Thompson - Member

I have been taking my 11 year old daughter to the combat academy for the last 16 months now and I'm totally amazed on what she has achieved in this time,they are trained by the super middleweight world champ Mick Crossland, every one is made to feel welcome and part of the combat team, had some fantastic days out too and would recommend to anyone.

Matt Unijat - Member

I train here with my wife Sheryll and my son Zak. I've been training about 6 months an I'm feeling like my fitness has improved a lot compared to what it was when I started. Mick's a great bloke, easy to get along with and a great trainer. In fact everyone down at the combat academy are sound. Try it, you will enjoy it!

Dean Hamshaw - Member

I train at a gym in Matlock and heard about Mick Crossland from the Combat Academy so I got in touch for dietary advice and nutrition support and with following his advice and my hard work in Matlock I have managed to lose 9lb in 2 weeks. Mick was very positive about me losing weight and was always their for support. I would recommend his advice to anybody.

David Evans - Kickboxer in Matlock

Took my 2 grandchildren here approx 12 months ago Got fed up of them on Xbox etc Mick trains them hard but it is so good to see the boys healthy and alert. They have toned up and are training for the British open in May 6 months into their training. I joined and feel so good now, lost loads of weight met loads of new friends and have a world champion to coach us. Much respect Mick So get to the combat academy to loose weight get fit and feel good Osu.

David Wilson - Member

The combat academy is a well ran martial arts academy with an excellent head coach Mick Crossland! As someone who worked with Mick in fight preparation for both of us in the past I have seen how enthusiastic he is and how dedicated he is as a martial artist. Also working with students from the combat academy I can see the great bond they have as a team and how much progression they make each time I have seen them compete. Overall a very respectful gym and a great coach. Pleasure to have trained along side them.

Tyrone Power Jr - Multiple British, European and World Amateur Kickboxing Champion

Mick Crossland is one of the nicest blokes i have met in the sport and always willing to help people out, there's always a good buzz in his gym an he and his fighters make you feel very welcome, top bunch of lads.

Karl Johnston - British K1 Rules Middleweight Champion

Me and my family train at this gym and we love it. Its been a little over 2 years and I feel like I've come along way, with the help and support of the people at this gym iv lost 5 stone so far!! I highly recommend you give it a go for fitness or fighting because I'm so glad I did.

Stacey Sands - member

Been training here pushing 2 years now. Wasnt planning on being a fighter when i started but now I'm training for a British open. My training is such that I feel confident in fighting most standing disciplines so i am not limited to just one style. I have brought numerous friends to try and everyone of them have loved it. The team is great and its always fun on days out to watch each other compete from light contact kickboxing bouts, thai interclubs, entertaining multi discipline show, to high end world title fights.. WOULD RECOMMEND!

Karl Wistow - Member

I've been training here since November 2011, enjoyed every minute, i was 18 stone 9 when i first started and in the 15 months of training I've lost 4 stone thanks to the guidance and encouragement of Mick. everyone who attends is friendly and supportive of your goals, it's definitely changed my life in a big way and for the better.

Richard Wilford - Member

"Took my 2 grandchildren here as I got fed up of them on the Xbox. Mick trains them hard but it is so good to see the boys healthy and alert."

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