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    Are you looking for a fitness activity for your child that can also help them succeed in life?

    Martial Arts classes make you think of self defence, being strong, fit & staying safe. The truth is Martial Arts can be all that and more!

    Our Junior Students certainly see improvements in their athletic attributes like, physical fitness, speed, strength, skill, agility and mental fortitude.

    But Martial Arts is so much more than just a physical activity. It is about developing confidence. Discipline, character, focus and respect. In addition to the physical benefits, our students enjoy massive personal growth as they take on challenges, enjoy achievement and learn from setbacks, all in a safe & positive social environment surrounded by like minded peers and mentors.

    With every class, they grow in mind, body & spirit, building self awareness and self respect.

    And of course Martial Arts is Tons of Fun!

    The Junior Program Teaches Life Skills

    Positive Mindset
    Goal Setting & Self Belief
    Respect for Self & Others

    The Combat Academy is your Partner in Parenting

    We teach the same values you teach at home, in a positive, safe & fun environment.

    The foundation of our Junior Program Curriculum is the education & development of life skills such as Positive Mental Attitude, High Goal Setting, Perserverance, self control & confidence.


    Children are like sponges. They absorb things quickly and easily – far more easily than we do as adults. In fact, parents can sometimes see a difference in their kids after just one martial arts class. Each additional class they attend increases their knowledge and growth.

    Not only are they getting healthier as they learn martial arts, they’re also learning the value of self-discipline and respect. When you enroll your child in a martial arts class, you’re giving them much more than the physical skills we teach. You’re giving them the opportunity to thrive.


    Your kids’ everyday friends aren’t the main concern anymore when it comes to character development. Now you have to worry about all the negative and harmful influences that the internet can introduce into your children’s lives.

    The true benefit or our classes are the character and success traits that are developed through martial arts training.

    Through learning the skills and techniques of martial arts, to the guidance and inspiration of our instructors and the positive social interaction with their fellow classmates, your kids will develop a whole list of skills.


    Face it. Between the foods we eat and the constant sitting and staring into screens and devices, many kids aren’t getting enough regular exercise.

    Our martial arts classes for kids are full exercise routines disguised as a boatload of fun! That’s because they are jam packed with activities, games and drills that are all designed to disguise the repetition of training.

    Of course it’s important for your kids to exercise and wear themselves out – they stay healthy, sleep well, and develop their minds and bodies. But just as important, our classes will help develop at a young age the physical habits they need to grow into healthy adults.


    We never want our kids to have to use these skills in modern life, but every good parent still wants their kids to be safe.

    That’s why our martial arts training is very serious about teaching your kids the skills needed for self-protection in any circumstance, from the neighborhood bully to a stranger on the street (and so much more).

    But knowing how to defend oneself is only half the battle. Our classes teach your child the respect and self-discipline needed to diffuse a situation without violence whenever possible – as well as the knowledge to know when force is the only way to safety.

    TONS OF F-U-N !!

    We never forget… kids are kids and they deserve to have some fun!

    We can’t guarantee that their normal school teachers are making learning an enjoyable experience, but we DO guarantee that your kid will have a blast in our martial arts classes.

    It really is a challenge to design a class that keeps children focused on learning, respect, and discipline while still having fun… but our classes are created just for that. They are so full of ideas, activities, and games that your kids will never get bored or stagnate.

    It’s also a fantastic and healthy environment for them (and you) to make friends with other like-minded students. It really is a place where laughter, cheer and happiness abound.


    More benefits

    In our school, kids need to memorize movements and learn to perform them in sequence.

    When kids respect themselves, they also learn to respect others.

    Kids learn how to stand up for themselves with confidence and authority.

    Martial arts classes get kids off the couch into a setting where they can learn their bodies’ capabilities.

    What People Say

    “Me and my son have been training at the combat academy for over a year now and we can’t thank Mick and Tommy enough for all their hard work and support. With their help I managed to lose over 3 stone and improve my fitness dramatically, my son as achieved an orange belt in kickboxing and soon to try for his green belt, his fitness, and confidence levels grow every week, we would highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and have fun”



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