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    About the Combat Academy

    A Martial Arts School like no other. A place where Community is paramount, Challenge, Learning & Growth are Guaranteed and achievement and success based on your own model of Excellence is created.

    The Combat Academy was founded in 2011 by Former Professional, British, European & World Kickboxing Champion Mick Crossland.

    As a young man Mick found acceptance, self worth & confidence from his Martial Arts Training & Achievements. After a ten year career as a Youth & Community Worker which ran alongside his Professional Kickboxing Career he made the switch to creating The Combat Academy in the hopes of making a difference to the lives of others in the same way Martial Arts had made the difference in his.

    Our Classes

    Our Mission

    Our staff team are a home grown collective of dedicated, positive, passionate and successful individuals who believe in and have benefitted from the life changing power of Martial Arts.

    It is our mission to share the benefits of quality Martial Arts tuition as far and wide as possible so that everyone may enjoy the personal, social and emotional growth that can occur through the learning and challenge that Martial Arts provides. It is our belief that Martial Arts is not only a tool utilised for the development of physical abilities and mental fortitude. Much more than this; we believe that commitment to the Martial Arts journey can help an individual build confidence, improve communication skills and develop social and emotional resilience while gaining achievement and acceptance.

    What People Say

    “Me and my son have been training at the combat academy for over a year now and we can’t thank Mick and Tommy enough for all their hard work and support. With their help I managed to lose over 3 stone and improve my fitness dramatically, my son as achieved an orange belt in kickboxing and soon to try for his green belt, his fitness, and confidence levels grow every week, we would highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and have fun”



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